Agosto 21st, 2014

Ezra Miller

” I am very much in love with no one in particular .”

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Squinty Patrick is my favorite Patrick. (x)

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Agosto 20th, 2014

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tfw you can’t fucking stand 99% of your friends’ significant others but you love your friends so you seeth in silence

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Fall Out Boy ALS ICE BUCKET Challenge

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Agosto 19th, 2014

3x23 | 4x09

Lydia’s loved ones using their last words to make sure she’s ok.

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Every hour, a supernatural teen gets hunted down and murdered. But thanks to donors like you, three thousand sexy teens were rescued last year. For hundreds of others, help never showed up. If you don’t call this number, you’re a murderer. 1-800-STOP-KILLING-SEXY-TEENS-YOU-GUYS.

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